Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad Blogger

Today was a bad day for this blogger. I went out and took 57 pictures this afternoon and when I came home to put some of them on the Blog I accidentally deleted all of them. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Anyway, I took pictures of the open road to Ed Haugen's. I took pictures of the men taking down a section of the wall opening the Pembina River bridge. The bridge isn't open to traffic yet, it has to be inspected by the county first. I took pictures of them opening a path through the clay closure on the east side of the bridge. I took pictures of the baseball field with no water on it. I took pictures of the log jams and garbage pushing up against the bridge from the south. I took pictues of the river.

The river is at 49.0 ft tonight.

Tomorrow I'll go out and try to take some more pictues.

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  1. You provided news not available here in WA State via nightly news. The struggle seems to be a yearly battle but outside help seems to come to those who show they will do their best and work harder than any other place and in the quietest way. That's good!