Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready

It was a busy day in school today. The shop class is mass producing "ladder and cone" units to be used to fill sandbags and the FACS class was making cookies for some extra energy tomorrow. The Pembina Rec Board is moving some equipment out of storage in South Pembina and the sandbag filling locations are being prepared and loads of sand hauled in. If only the weather would straighten out........


  1. THANK YOU for keeping us informed! I will feature you on my blog also to spread the word, at

  2. We former residents are watching and sending our thoughts and prayers your way. Thanks for keeping us informed, and stay safe!
    Lori Wilwant Smith
    Diane Wilwant

  3. thanks laura! for starting this blog. once we started seeing reports on our local stations in wichita, we knew it was getting bad. every spring it's a waiting worry to see what that river is going to do. we're thinking about you all. please take care and be safe!
    susan(bordeniuk) rawley

  4. Laura, Thanks for doing this blog. We send our thoughts and good wishes to all our old friends up there in Pembina. May all your efforts and hard work keep you high and dry. CH