Friday, April 17, 2009


Someone sent me this picture of the Canadian border road. To the left is Canada to the right North Dakota.

Pembina sent a bunch of their filled sand bags to Neche today to help them out. The high school students filled 70 more pallets of bags in a couple hours this afternoon.

Some local folks visiting and grabbing a bite to eat at the Command Center.

Tonight the TV news reported the Red River in Pembina has crested at 52.75 ft. I hope they're right. The reading was 52.6 late this afternoon. It is suppose to stay high for at least another week.

The water is very close to crossing Hwy 18 at Neche. Today all the students K-12 from Pembina and Bathgate went to school in Pembina and the K-12 students from Neche stayed in Neche. Teachers stayed in their home towns and taught the students there. It was a little chaotic for the first hour or so but we'll get along fine until the water goes down again.

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  1. Everyone over east is doing a great job!! Keep up the great work and my best to everyone. It is really cool to see the teens working as hard as they have all over the state in this time of chaos.