Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leveling Out

The water has been staying at the same level all day today, 51.88 ft. Water is starting to come up on Hwy 55 just west of the overpass by the cemetery. I drove to Neche this morning and was surprised not to see much water to the west. Seems un-natural somehow. The Pembina River is still well within it's banks.

I'd like to thank Jamie Meagher for today's pictures. The first is of the Hesco flood wall at the Pembina border station. The second is of some deer trying to find dry land along I94 just south of town.

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  1. I was told there are a lot of deer around Joliet looking for higher ground, maybe headed towards Walhala. Hopefully they can stay off the highways and have a safe journey wherever they go to.