Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A relatively uneventful day. The river is at 51.72 ft. You need chest waders to get into So Pembina. Tomorrow morning Kent Conrad and aides from Byron Dorgan will be in Pembina to access our situation. There will be a public meeting on Monday evening at 7:00 at the command center. The meeting is to answer any the questions the public may have.

Water coming up in the back yard at the Gary (formerly Alvin) Warner farm.

Water against the dike wall along main street.

Crossing into So Pembina.

The #8 green and the #9 tee box.

Pumps are running 24 hrs a day pumping water out of So Pembina near the baseball diamond.


  1. thank you for the pictures... it is nice to see where it is all at. great job....
    Estella and Putt

  2. Very informative.
    I read it every day..

    George Howry
    Class of 1955