Friday, April 10, 2009

More Pics

Another picture taken from Hwy 55 coming in from the west.

The dike patrol coming back from a walk. The 4 people on patrol in main Pembina take the Green Ranger to Gastrak then split into two groups. One walks the north half and the other the south. When they meet at the River bridge closure they take the Red Ranger back to the Command Center. (Hope I got that right Pat ;)


  1. great job on this blog... thank you for keep those of us that no longer live there, up to date. You are all still in our prayers, hope the water will start to go down soon

  2. We live in Drayton and are dealing with the flood also but certainly not to the same extent as you are. We have a niece and nephew, both with families in Pembina and appreciate being able to follow your report. Thank you so much for the excellent job of keeping us all informed. We will pray for a safe conclusion to your flooding plight.Bless you for doing what you've done so well!!!