Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here and There

Saturday afternoon some members of the flood committee marked cracks on the dike. Today a specialist from the Corps of Engineers examined the areas and determined they are just top-soil issues and pose no threat to the integrity of the dike. The dike patrols are doing a good job of reporting new gopher holes and other changes they notice.

News from the surrounding areas....Highway 75 between Chale's and Hallock has been reopened. We took a drive through St Vincent a couple days ago. Things looked dry and peaceful there. The water at Walhalla rose over a foot last night. They have had volunteers out sandbagging in some of the lower areas today. Work continues in Neche to raise their dikes before the water comes over Hwy 18 on the west side of town.

Not exactly flood news but Marge Baker stopped in at the Command Center yesterday to say hello and let us know she was back home after being gone for the winter. Marge will be 100 years old next month.

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  1. Please pass on to Marge my hearty congratulations at her approaching 100th. I met her a couple of years ago and found her to be an amazing lady...