Monday, April 20, 2009


Around 7:00 tonight a helicopter landed in Pembina bringing Governor Hoven, the commander of the North Dakota National Guard, a representative of the Army Corps of Engineers and a FEMA representative to town. They met with community members gathered at the Command Center to share words of encouragement, information about help and to answer questions from the audience.

An attentive audience.

Governor Hoven, Jill Pedersen (Pembina Co. Emergency Management) and Pat Misson talk after the presentation.

The pest control company was in town again today and set some traps for the pesty gophers. Anyone walking the dikes is reminded to stay away from the sandbags marked with white flags.

Several loads of sandbags have been sent to Neche to help with their flood efforts. The water began coming over Hwy 18 on the west side of Neche tonight. Students will be filling more bags tomorrow afternoon.

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