Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Pictures

Climbing down the ladder onto the Pembina River bridge. This is the last picture I'll take from there. The "No Trespassing" sign is posted now and no one is allowed over the wall except the dike patrol. I may have to send my camera with them.

Looking east from the Pembina River bridge at the dike around So Pembina.

The new "bridge over nothing" between St Vincent and Chale's Oil Station is now a bridge over water.

Reading the gauge on the Red River bridge. The reading was 47.10 ft.

Looking north from the Red River bridge.

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  1. Great blog. Thanks for your effort. We lived in Pembina during the 1950 flood - upstairs at Fitzpatricks house, so have followed the rivers doings each spring on NOAA's website. This is much better. Good Luck - God Bless. After 58 years still see some familiar names - Steffen, Larson, Feldman. C. L.Bingham Salem, OR