Saturday, April 4, 2009


Looking from Old Highway 81 across the horse pasture toward the #9 fairway at the golf course.

Looking from the same point at the Lutheran Cemetery.

The river is at 49.8 ft. and rising. Today we started walking the dike in main Pembina as well as in So Pembina.

The North Dakota National Guard as had 2 men here for the last 10 days standing by to operate a back-up generator for the lift station if it becomes necessary. While they have been here they've grabbed a shovel and helped us fill sandbags and helped with whatever else needed to be done. One of these guardsmen played football for Pembina in the early 90's when we were co-oped with Drayton, and the other is from Park River where some of us know his family. They leave today and a dozen new guard members should be arriving to help with dike walking and other duties.

I'd like to thank Lisa Penn for the pictures I posted yesterday and Nita Warner for the ones today.


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