Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Roosters

I sat in the Command Center the first night they walked the dikes. As one pair of walkers crossed into So Pembina they called back on the radio "Mother Hen, Mother Hen, the roosters have left the nest." Well, the roosters are all home safe and won't have to leave the nest again until the next time the Red River roars.

Dave and Terri Blomquist walked the dike at 4:00 today and when they came back the Command Center closed. The river is at 50.77 ft. The water is down far enough on the earthen dike that regular patrols are not needed. It's still up on the cement flood wall so the closure to So Pembina in still in place. We're beginning to see the cement on the middle of the Pembina River bridge so we hope it won't be too long before the wall can come down and be put back into storage. There is still water over Hwy #55 to Neche.

I'll continue to post updates and pictures until the last of the flood work is done. I've enjoyed doing this blog and knowing that it connects people across the country to Pembina. Maybe we can use something like this for the next Pembina reunion.

PS No gophers caught today :(


  1. WE have enjoyed your blog--kept us informed of all the good people in Pembina County--You all should be proud how you worked out the problems and kept everyone safe...Thank you all !! Thomas's from Tennessee

  2. Thank you for this blog. Although we are far away, we still have friends and relatives in the area, and your dedication has kept us informed. Kudos to everyone in the area that walked the dikes, filled sandbags, kept the "High Water Cafe" stocked and open, and all of the meetings and other things that were done to keep the citizens of Pembina safe. I am proud to say Pembina is my Home Town.

    Judy Feldman Smith
    Bedford, TX

  3. This blog was a great outlet. Good work!

  4. Well said Judy! Thanks to everyone for saving "our" home town yet again. "The little town that could!"

    Bobbi Olson

  5. Your blog has been great! We live west of Hallock and flood news up here was hard to get.
    Marcy Johnson

  6. Many thanks for the blog Laura. You did a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work.

    Jane Taylor
    Grand Forks

  7. I visited my parents in Pembina last week and your flood news was very helpful in helping us with our travel plans. We flew into Minneapolis and drove up I29 with no delays but we were a bit uneasy with the amount of water in the fields on both sides of I29 just north of Fargo and from Oslo to the Border. We even drove up to Winnepeg for some sightseeing and the tourist information office in Emerson was most helpful in assisting us through the detours in Canada.

    Would be nice to see a reunion blog with with pictures.

    The Perry Rector Family
    Long Beach, California

  8. Also on the drive back to Minneapolis last Saturday all fields along I29 and along I94 were still wet. Didn't see anyone out in the fields yet.

    However the sugar beet plants in Drayton, EGF, and Hillsboro were still processing beets.

    Perry Rector