Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Team

My thanks to the Flood Committee who are doing a wonderful job coordinating our efforts. I hope I'm not leaving out any names.

Flood Committee Co-Chairmen
Ron Monette
Joe Defoe
Dike Patrol Coordinator
Pat Misson
Flood Coordinators
Nancy Thompson
Lisa Penn
Flood Committee Members
Deanna Hager
Matt Gruenberg
Tina Dorion
Warren Hillukka - Mayor
Greg Wilmer - Council Member
John Feldman - Council Member
Bev Burke - Council Member
Kyle Dorion - Council Member
Ken Norby - Public Works Supt
Tom Masloski - Public Works Asst.
Jon Kalka - Fire Cheif
Hetty Walker - Co. Commissioner Rep.
Jill Peterson - Pembina Co. Emergency Management

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