Thursday, April 16, 2009


We lucked out with no rain today. We'll keep our fingers crossed for tonight. The river was at 52.69 ft at 4:00 p.m.

This row of sandbags placed by Kittson Co along the road between St Vincent and Chale's keeps the debris from washing onto the road.

Taken from Chale's corner looking toward St Vincent. The new bridge here has really done it's job keeping this road open.

They took down the ladder today. No one is allowed to go into So Pembina until the river level drops.

The dike patrol is still marking fresh gopher holes and a team goes around and covers them with a sandbag. The Pest Control company is coming back to check things out on Monday.

Some of the farms in the area are having trouble with wind erosion on their dikes.

Neche has been working hard today trying to hold back the water from crossing Hwy 18 at the entrances to town.

The National Guard is still here to help walk the dikes. Volunteerism has been GREAT. Lots of people willing to sit at the Command Center, walk dikes, work in the kitchen, and bring meals and goodies. I live in Pembina because I choose to, and it's the people that make this a great place to live.

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  1. We really appreciate your blogspot. We check it every day to see how things are going in Pembina.
    We also check with Cam, Kris, Tim and Lois for updates. I(Alan) lived in South Pembina during my childhood and high school years. I was a senior in high school during the '49 flood, when there were no dikes and the water came up into our house. We appreciate all of the hard work that people in Pembina and surrounding areas are doing. Keep up the good work. Alan and Grace Wilwand, Harrison, NE